April 2012
Hi Janet,
Unfortunately, the pendant didn’t arrive until April 5th, one day late, because I wasn’t home when the mailman came on the 4th. My sister decided to wait until Saturday night to open her gift and make her birthday celebration last a little longer. First of all, thank you for wrapping it so carefully–she had absolutely no clue what could have been inside! The jewelry box was a wonderful surprise as well.
I thought I knew how beautiful the necklace was from your photograph, but it really couldn’t do it justice. Your workmanship is beautiful, and it looks fabulous on Erin! It is breathtaking, and my sister absolutely adores her new necklace!!!
I really appreciate your wonderful work, and you made her birthday so special!!
Gayle (USA) (Shamrock pendant)
Shamrock pendant
HI Janet,
The ring arrived this morning, but I was under strict instructions to wait until Andy got home so that we could open it together. 🙂
Was thrilled when I saw the bag! Then the white box … then the beautiful wooden box!!! And then …
Eeeeeeeeek!!! It’s spectacular! Better than either of us had imagined (though he’s a plonker and thought all the diamonds were going to be sticking out like some sort of spiky dog collar!).
It’s amazing and now I have the tough task of putting it back in the box and leaving it alone until 15th September.
Thank you again, it’s been a real pleasure, you’ve made the whole process completely enjoyable and totally stress free!
Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou! 🙂
Fi x (UK) (Sprinkle ring as a wedding band)