The Salt and Light Cross

Salt and Light CrossIn January this year (2012) I heard Anne Wallace speak at Nancy Goudie’s conference at the Marriott in Preston, she returned to her seat 3 places from mine and at the end of the conference I leaned over to say ”I am to make a piece of jewellery for you to auction at your Gala, but I have to go now, can you give me your email address and I will contact you”

I immediately had a name for the piece and strong image of how (the front at least) of it looked. It was to be a necklace and the name of it was to be “He turns my sorrow into dancing”…very unusual for me to name things…I struggle to name ranges of jewellery…but it all added to the sense of confirmation that it was God’s will that I make this piece.

The design was of a rose (a life) caught up in its own thorns and trapped, but the blood of Jesus (the deep pink sapphires) run through and between the thorns and to the very centre of the rose. As the necklace goes round the neck the pink turns in to a lighter colour and the black diamonds of the thorns are replaced by white dancing swirls of diamonds, a life transformed.

The sketch quickly followed and stones were ordered and I felt it right to give others the opportunity to contribute to the project, donations of gold and stones came, for which I am truly grateful, and I’m sure put a smile on God’s face too.

Despite my best intentions to finish early for the charity to be able to market the piece, it has been beset with delays I will not bore you with…but finally culminating in a tragedy on Monday night, with four days to go before the auction.

Our Pastors had been round the Monday before to pray with me about another issue and on showing Sue the progress on the necklace she declared it to be truly anointed!! I was stunned really, I never thought about it like that but know it has been a witness already since the formal sketch I sent up to Anne a couple of weeks earlier had caught them all in the drop in centre grieving the lost of one of their friends from an overdose the night before….Anne phoned me in tears to say that this drawing really had ministered to them all as I had put the title on it “He turns my sorrow into dancing”.

So four days to go, I had set hundreds of tiny stones and I had literally just pronounced it “finished” as it was snatched out of my hands and wrapped around the polishing motor! I shouted in horror” NO, this cant be happening, this is a bad dream.” But it was true, it was in pieces, broken and twisted out of all recognition, stones gouged out on the tapered spindle and flung all over the workshop. I unwrapped it form the machine in tears looking at the frightening mess…why had this happened what was I going to do. How would I tell the charity I would be letting them down. I had to go to the library and to pick up a tux for Paul to wear on the night.. so on autopilot I went out in a trance to do those jobs….half expecting that I wouldn’t need the tux, we wouldn’t be going to a charity Gala without a donation to take!

But the dazed drive around seemed to make me aware that although I was totally bewildered as to why this had happened I wasn’t really as upset as I thought I should be….I didn’t know what to do….or whether I could go to the gala….but something was strangely calm within.

I texted Sue, my Pastor and Anne and told them what had happened…almost imagining that they would think I was joking!!

Anne immediately phoned me and insisted I come empty handed or not!! (Yes Miss!) And then got her intercessors praying.

Salt and Light Cross SideSue and Jack were passing and came round and looked at the remains. As we looked at it we realised it was all part of the story, it was just like Jesus a grown man, an amazing ministry, finished and seemingly story complete until that tragic day when He was twisted and broken and unrecognisable as He hung on that tree.

We realised that the story was not complete and as we looked at it Sue said it could be a cross, I saw it immediately but kept quiet as I didn’t know if there was enough left intact to make anything at all, but still my spirit said yes.

God is not the hard judgemental, wrathful God that we often see when we consider why Jesus had to go to the cross, but God sent Jesus to that cross for us and wept out loud as He did so. It broke His heart to do it but He considered us worth the price. And then He wrought His best work as He paid the atonement for us and restored life to His body, more wonderful than before.

And amazingly He able to do much more with broken things that we could ever hope for or imagine.…including and especially broken people.

God bless Anne Wallace as she devotes her time and energy to restoring broken people to their maker so that He can make them even more amazing than they were before…just like Jesus.

(Post auction note the Cross raised £3,500 for Salt and light )

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